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Today I unlocked my new phone. I guess Cingular phones come locked to the Cingular network until you request them to be unlocked after 6 months. I thought it would be cool to use prepaid SIM cards from other networks, but this would not be possible with a locked phone.

Here is my Sony Ericsson S710a and the SIM card:

Since the phone is still less than 6 months old Cingular was reluctant to provide me with the details of how to unlock my phone. I told the person from their support desk that I frequently travel out of country and using prepaid cards from Canada was a condition of my switching service to Cingular from Verizon.. this seemed to make things easier.

My first conversation with Cingular about unlocking my phone was last Wed, the day after I bought it.. I was told that the approval process could take a day or two and it would likely be Friday or Monday before I get a callback. Tuesday came and went with no callback so I called them back yesterday. Yesterday their ticketing system told the customer service rep that I was indeed approved and all I needed was the unlock code. The rep told me that once I find a replacement SIM card I could just replace the existing one and the next time the unit is powered on I would be prompted for the code.

Today a coworker of mine brought in a spare card from T-Mobile for me to try. Unfortunately simply replacing the SIM card only informed me that I needed to insert a valid SIM card. I called Cingular back and was given new instructions for this phone, they are as follows:

  1. Power off phone
  2. Remove battery
  3. Remove old card
  4. Insert new card
  5. Power on phone
  6. Press left arrow
  7. Press star twice
  8. Press left arrow again
  9. Display will indicate “ME LOCK”
  10. Wait 3 seconds
  11. Select network (will have a lock next to it)
  12. Select YES
  13. When prompted if you want to unlock select YES
  14. You will be prompted for NCK Unlock Code
  15. Enter 16 digit code
  16. Select YES
  17. Done

The above procedure is what they told me to do, I believe that some of the actual text to the prompts varied some, but they were close.
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