Started The Basement Project

Holy crap! I actually started this project and made some progress! First day of work on this was Saturday. Early in the afternoon I did some measuring and came up with a crude floor plan of the area that I want to finish. Around 4:00pm I picked up the metal framing stuff from Lowes. The employee that helped me was a pretty big help, any unanswered questions I had he was able to answer, though he had never worked with steel studs before. When I first went in I thought that I was going to need a special nail gun to shoot through the cement floor, but I was told that just using a mason bit, tapcon screws with the hex head and a ratchet would be the cheapest and I had most of the equipment already. Here is what I finished in the first day:

Most of the studs are not attached, but the track is. I am finding it very difficult to attach the studs with the short self tapping metal screws that I bought, there is probably a better way to be doing this.

Sunday was mostly taken up with sleeping late, but I did get some more measuring done. Attaching the track to the floor started to become very difficult because drilling was taking too long. After reading some online forums I decided to buy a hammer drill , this has made drilling the floor much easier. The basement looks pretty much the same as yesterday, but I attached a few more studs and laid a little more track. I hope to be finished with the framing tomorrow.

Some questions that I will need to think about are; How am I going to do the doors? What size doors do I need? How do I attach the drywall to the steel studs without them bending out of the way when the screw comes through?

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