One more vacation day left

Yesterday my brother and my father came over to help me finish putting up the drywall. I also bought the ceiling tiles and subfloor at Lowes . As you can see, I also finished plastering and got a few ceiling tiles up.. the instructions say to come back after it dries and put another coat on.. but i’m considering skipping that step. I have extended my vacation and don’t have to be back at work until the 11th.. so I have one more day to wrap things up here.

I wasn’t expecting it, but I guess I must not have been doing much lately because working on this project has actually made me lose weight. Goes to show how far a bit of exercise will get you. Another weight loss program had caught my eye recently. I found it on the health website Seeing as how I’m already getting started I’m thinking I may as well keep going and try to use their program. Maybe I’ll post a few follow up updates on here as I go along!

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