Lights and Carpet

Today the carpet installers installed the carpeting! They also carpeted the edges of the stairs, which I didn’t even know was an option until today.. but it came out pretty darn good. Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying to finish the ceiling (still not quite done) and my father wired up the lights. Getting the ceiling to go around the beam was pretty tricky, the metal grid and tiles were definitely not designed for that.. but it didn’t come put as bad as it could have i guess.

I’m thinking this project is almost done. I still have to finish the edges of the ceiling, install molding, trim the bottoms off the doors so they shut properly and buy door knobs.. I also want to redo the sheetrock near one of the corners, with the new lighting it highlights my especially amateurish work in that area. My next post will be to show off the completed project.

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