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So the other day I was out and about listening to XM82 – The System and heard Glass Breaker by The Crystal Method. Normally, that would be the end of the story for me, as I had thought there would be no way for me to legally download the mp3 and burn it to cd, or copy it to my mp3 player or anything. BUT for some reason I decided to go looking (again) for a legitimate music download service that would work with my Linux desktop and provide non-DRM music. Napster -NO, Yahoo -NO, Walmart Music -NO… BUT THEN!! Wippit totally worked! I signed up, found the exact song that I was looking for, and $0.99 later I was done! This is the first time that I’ve actually felt good about a music download. I’ll be back for more.

YUP… thats the post. Nothing groundbreaking.

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  1. Carina says:

    Recently had this problem with my car as well, I have no car mech. exrnpieece but can tell you to just ask a friend or someone you know that knows a little about cars to show you or even do it for you b/c it is very simple once you see how it is done. I can now do my own after they showed me and doesn’t take 2 mins.

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