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Yesterday I gave Flickr a shot. And then I became a paid subscriber. I’ve heard good things about Flickr before, and thought it looked neat.. but couldn’t really think of a reason to sign up until now. I wanted to make a wedding page with all the photos that Kim and I collected this past month, and the photo album thing I wrote for my personal website wasn’t anything that I was proud enough about to share with family. One really cool thing about using Flickr for our wedding photos is that I can create a group, invite guests from the wedding to it, and then they can upload any pictures that they may have taken to be shared along with mine.

To upload large groups of photos from my Linux machine I used Flock.. it worked pretty good for what I needed. I also wanted to add a Flickr “badge” to my MySpace (yeah, I know) but wasn’t having much luck with the javascript that they provide, so I just put the important parts of the badge html.. this only worked for 24 hours, and then some key that is in the url changes.. so I needed to find something else. For now Badgr looks fine, but I think that it has a problem with the number of photos I have, when I tell it to only show photos with a specific tag it hangs for a really long time.. so I’ll just live with a random selection from all my photos.

I also put up a video of our wedding day at with the Google Video upload tool. This is the first time that I had uploaded anything larger than 100MB so I had to grab their java uploader. The uploader isn’t pretty.. but it worked.

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