Night time seems longer when you are awake.

Man, having a baby makes you a very busy person! Sawyer is a month old now and is totally getting noticeably bigger! I think he stays awake a little longer now and seems to be more aware of whats happening around him.. which is pretty exciting. Kim has noticed that he is smiling more too, so thats cool.

Yesterday I went on a work field trip to NYC. Here is a picture of the building we visited, someday rich people will live here:

I’ve also been playing around with the Rubik’s Cube, since Kim bought me a new one after my other one was lost. I’ve always had one around, but never learned how to solve it. I used some memory tricks by Michael Tipper to memorize this solution.. which really works! Right now it takes me like 4 minutes.. I’ve sped it up a little by using a different ending and beginning.. but getting the last layer into position is still too repetitive, so I’m going to hunt around and try to find a better way.

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