Long time, no post.

Man, longest time in the past couple years that I have gone without posting I think. Definitely not because nothing has been happening.. in fact, this may have been the most postworthy couple of months I’ve had in a while… I just haven’t been able to find the time. And now that I do have time (Kim is off with her mom and Sawyer is sleeping) I can’t remember very much that has happened! So I’ll start with the big one – IT WILL BE A GIRL (probably)! On 5/21 we went in for Kim’s 2nd trimester ultrasound (posted here if you are interested),  and the ultrasound tech says that in her opinion it is a girl. This is good news, name wise, because we were having a hard time coming up with a boy name. Before Sawyer was born we had done a lot of thinking about both boy and girl names, and came up with what we liked way back then.. and for girl names, Morgan Jean Runnells is what we decided on. I think it will be a nice name.

With the pregnancy still moving along fine we are planning on moving Sawyer to the bigger extra bedroom and will put Morgan in his current room. This meant painting. Kim picked out a good beige color for Sawyers new room and we painted it a couple of weeks ago, his current room is light blue but this might work good for a girl’s room too if there are pink things around.. maybe.

Other events from the past two months:

  • I my copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, which may be one of my favorite games of all time.. though I don’t get that much time to play it these days.
  • The whole family got a bad cold and then got better.
  • Gas prices passed $4/gal making my commute to Syracuse close to $30 a day with tolls. Luckily this is still only a once a week thing.
  • Kim and I found a couple great houses on nothnagle.com closer to the thruway, only to find out they were model homes for new builds.. and a new build is something that I don’t think I have the patience for to do again. We are not really that actively looking to move anyway.

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