Google Streetview

Yeah! Webster, NY is totally on Google Street View! A friend and I were just poking around on Google Maps trying to track down where a Geocache in Harris Road Cemetery was and saw the blue “street view” roads! But, like other cities.. not all roads are covered.. you can see our circle though, which is pretty exciting to me for some reason.

Soon I’ll be adding Save/Load buttons to The Userbar Designer for subscribers. The Save/Load functionality seems to be working correctly.. the save file are just gzipped XML with the form data from the designer. All I need to do now is setup some sort of Premium Account Manager page to handle user creation and subscription payments. I’ll be using PayPal for payment and instantly activating accounts with IPN (Instant Payment Notification).

Tonight I also installed the Last.FM Pidgin Plugin.. so ‘buddies’ in my contact lists can see what I’m listening to in my status message. Seems to be functioning so far.

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