So my mother in-law aimed me tonight and wanted to meet for baby shopping. So I meet up with her at Kohls to start, then Target. Holy crap, we got so much stuff! I think she spent AT LEAST a couple hundred!, if not more!! Most of it was clothing. We got so many cute things. I cant help but get excited for the shower and the baby stuff we will get at it. Awww….
I just finished writing out my 50th baby shower invitation. So far I have invited 56 people!! I should only have a few more to do. Maybe some peps from work. I mailed out 45 of them this morning on my way to work.
If you don’t get one and you wanna come, message me!! I have invited everyone, that I was able to get address for.
Ok, I am really tired, time for bed. I gotta get up at 5am tomorrow for good old work!

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