So today I had another check up for the baby. Yeah. It was at 2:30pm, well I did not get done until 5:15pm!
The doctor was listening to the baby’s heart and it didn’t sound right to him, so he sent me to the hospital!, after discussing with Dustin and me his thoughts. I laid in a bed hooked up to the fetal heart monitor, contraction machine for 1 hour while they watch the baby’s heart rate, and I pressed a button every time he moved.
Turns out everything is great. My doctor was hearing the baby’s heart beat, my heart beat and the baby’s hic-ups, which all together, sounds like a heart rate that is fast then slow repetitively.
It was very scary for me. I had to sign a bunch of papers and there were crazy possibilities of what could of happened if everything was not ok! Like delivering early ….
Oh and while I was hooked up to the contraction machine they picked up on some small contractions I was having. I thought that was really cool. I got a taste of what it is like to be hooked up to the stuff that your hooked up to when you deliver. I am so relieved EVERYTHING IS OK!!

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