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Married 39 year old father of three software developer in Rochester, NY.

Video Editing With Gimp & MPlayer

The other day I tried to make a quick video of our Elf on the Shelf turning and winking at the camera. This was the final result: I haven’t done any video editing like this before and I know that … Continue reading

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Morgan’s 4th Birthday Party

via Flickr

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Two Years Since Last Blog Post

It has been about two years since the last time that I posted to my WordPress blog. I spent a few minutes today updating to the latest version of WP and considering why I even have a “blog”. I do … Continue reading

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Android 2.2 Froyo on my HTC Aria

Last night I got sick enough of running out of room for apps on my Aria that I finally decided to just install Froyo. Froyo, along with many other cool features, has a way to install apps to the SD … Continue reading

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Work Calendar on My Phone!

I was soo excited to get this working that I decided to post about it. So for a long time I have had to settle for a very non-cool way to look at my calendar at work, the reason – … Continue reading

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Dryer Repair

As mentioned in a previous post, our dryer (Frigidaire GLGR341AS4) broke last week giving off a bad smoking smell. In an attempt to save a $60 “just to look at it” fee from the repair place I decided to attempt … Continue reading

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Stinky Basement and Blog Moved

Considering what news usually makes my blog, and how frequently it is updated, this is not a big deal. BUT, my basement smells like smoke. I think that the dryer is dying or the belt just burned out. The bigger … Continue reading

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Broken AC in my Civic

I’m posting this here for anyone who runs into the same problem on their Civic Hybrid and doesn’t feel like shelling out the $600+ to fix the AC. Over the past few weeks my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid has started … Continue reading

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OAuth, J2ME and FireEagle

Recently I have started developing a web app to do some location based stuff.. but I’ll save that for another post. The point here is OAuth, J2ME and FireEagle. I don’t want to loose this information, so I’m posting it … Continue reading

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Its 5:30 and I now have a week off! Since its been a nice long four months since my last post I guess I have some catching up to do.. and will probably miss most of the important stuff, if … Continue reading

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