some of my thoughts today

So I was just thinking today is Friday. I took off 2 weeks for the wedding and honeymoon. I cant believe I have got to go back to work Monday! But I do get out early every day, so maybe it wont be to bad….
Anyway. Yesterday I went to the social services office and change my last name to my married last name, also at the bank. Today I have to go to the DMV to get a new license. That’s gonna be fun!
I need to practice writing my new last name, I make it look weird, and I am also very tempted to sign my old name.
So far so good. Tomorrow we will be married for 1 week! Boy did this past week, go by fast. It’s so nice to finally be able to say “my husband”! You hear married couples say things go down hill from here… Well everything so far has gone up hill for us. A lot of great things have happened to both of us the past week.
Ohhh. Also now that the wedding is done and taken care of, it’s baby time. My mom, sisters, me and I guess whoever else wants to help, are planning my baby shower. The favors we are gonna do are so cool, and a pain in the ass to make. I am not doing 2 baby showers, 1 for each side of the family,so we are gonna have to make like 40+ of them. Food ..oh, we have plans. Yesterday I saw this place and I was amazed! Edible Arrangements. They make crazy baskets out of fruit.  Here check them out at, .When Dustin and I walked in there, I was like a little kid in a candy store. They are so cool. So we are gonna have a few baskets at the shower!
Well that’s all I got for now!

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