Another day!

Today was just another day. I am trying to work 40hrs. a week , so we can recover financially from the wedding.  I don’t think I will be working that much anymore, I have a feeling my doctor is either gonna pull me from work or tell me I can only work part time. It kinda sucks having so many limits while being pregnant. But I am excited to say according to the doctor I have 15 weeks left. I am more than half way through!
Saturday is Dustin birthday! The family is coming over and I have yet to decide if I am taking him out to eat or cooking…After dinner, time for some fun. I can’t post my plans for the night or it will ruin the surprise for him.
Tomorrow I have another prenatal visit. It was unexpected. I am guessing they are gonna do a few standard test, then that’s when they will tell me to stop working so much, or pull me from work. I have been having a small problem, that may not get solved until I stop working.
I think the only good thing about me not working right now, is not having to deal with some of my co-workers!  And getting to spend time at home with Dustin. Actually I guess there is a list of positive things while not having to work.

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