April 2007

Only one month since my last post!?

Yesterday marks Sawyer’s 10th week. He seems like he is on the verge of his first laugh.. he gets very smiley when you play with him, but no sound yet. I had always thought that people were born knowing how to laugh.. but apparently its something you have to figure out on your own! One thing that he does do that is kind of surprising is walk! Well, not real walking.. but if he is held up, he puts one foot in front of the other like if he was strong enough he could just walk away!

It is Geocaching season again! But I haven’t had a whole lot of time to go.. the only thing that Sawyer likes eating more than formula is time! I think that in a couple years he might really enjoy going out in the woods and geocaching with his old-man.

Last weekend I received the Wii that I purchased on Ebay! I remember being a little bitter that the guy shipped it one day later than he said he would in the listing.. which now that I have the Wii in my hands, doesn’t seem to matter very much. I also bought Wii Play, Rayman and Super Paper Mario. These days there is hardly any time to play with my toys, but so far Wii Play doesn’t excite me all that much.. so I will consider it a $10 game that came with an additional Wiimote. I have yet to get past the the intro story in Super Paper Mario. Rayman is probably the most fun game that I’ve purchased so far, but I think that I probably enjoy the Wii Sports games that shipped with the Wii itself the most out of the 4 games I have. I think i just really like the ones that really let you use the Wiimote.

Here is my “Thought Of The Month” for April: Being a grown up doesn’t suck as bad as it sounds. I mean, if 5 years ago someone told me that when I am 30 I would be a married guy with a kid, only leave the house (for fun stuff) like two or three times a month, would rather buy a game system with cartoony games instead of a system with ultra violent GTA type games and have to blow off friends to babysit… I would try to do everything in my power to prevent that future from happening! But now that I’m here it totally feels like the correct place to be and I wouldn’t change anything!

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2 Responses to April 2007

  1. anonymous says:

    aww. I love your thought for April!
    I am glad we are where we are at.
    But if someone told me, that when I was 22 I would be where I’m at now…
    holy crap! I don’t know what I would say??
    But I am 100% content and happy with you and our beautiful son, and I don’t want to be anywhere else but with you two!!
    Love ya hubby <3

  2. anonymous says:


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