Welp, its july already.. and several months since my last post!

OK, here is the short version –

SAWYER: Five months old already and growing fast! He is a BIG baby, already wearing cloths for 9-12 month olds! He likes to play now and can roll over by himself! Kim also put up a great video of him laughing and eating at myspace!

FERRETS: Sad to say, we could no longer find the time needed to provide Molly and Buddy with the attention that they need and deserve. I hope that the good folks over at Lollypop Farm are able to find a nice family to spend their remaining years with. They will be missed!

OTHER: In late 2005 I was a member of Userbars.com, at that time I was impressed with all the creativity that userbar artists put into those little graphics and decided to help out the community by developing The Userbar Animator and The Userbar Designer. The then-owner of userbars.com provided a big push to help out my site by encouraging users to animate their userbars with The Userbar Animator and my little site thrived! In December of 2006 however userbars.com was shut down. The Userbar Animator still did well surviving on traffic from search engines and other partnerships developed in the mean time. BUT as of Jun 26 userbars.com is back up under new ownership, ME! So if you are a userbar enthusiast come back home to userbars.com and see whats new!!

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Married 39 year old father of three software developer in Rochester, NY.
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