Happy Fall Time

Welp, its my favorite time of year again! But first let me start with what sucks – MY TV. The lamp in my crappy Panasonic PT-40LC12 blew AGAIN! So I don’t know, maybe I’ll run up my credit cards even more and buy a new tv this weekend, even though we really can not afford it at this time.

Oh, If you haven’t noticed, I am now using WordPress for my site/blog on dustin.runnells.name and crossposting to Livejournal.  Hopefully this change will kick off a new policy of blogging more frequently.

In other news, Sawyer is growing fast! He has lots of teeth now, and is getting better at sleeping at night.  Earlier this month we took a family trip up to Bangor Maine to visit my father’s side of the family. Oh, and Kim and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on October 7th. I’m sure there is lots more.. but thats all I can remember for now.

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Married 39 year old father of three software developer in Rochester, NY.
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2 Responses to Happy Fall Time

  1. Adam Lynch says:

    You should definitely take a look at the Sony 40V2500 LCD 1080p unit. Jeff and I both have it, and its fantastic.

  2. drunnells says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! The sony looked cool, but just out of our price range for the size we wanted.

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