Birthday and Stuff

Last sunday was my 31st birthday.. which is fantastic. THIRTY ONE. You know how when you are in high school teachers tell you that you have to do well because the world needs you to fix it? I’m pretty sure if by 31 you are not fixing the world, you are one of the ones breaking it. Oh well, I’m sure all those kids in high school today will do just fine cleaning up the mess.

For the big day my wife got me an Xbox 360, which is an amazing gift. We have been having a blast playing Guitar Hero. As the rest of my family knew she was giving me the xbox they all got me related gifts. So if you are on Xbox Live and know me, feel free to add me as a “friend”.. my gamer handle is “Dustin One”.

Sawyer is getting really good at crawling now. He crawls all over and gets into all kinds of trouble while he is at it. The new entertainment center keeps him out of most of the wires, but we have to figure out something to do with the front two speakers as they are just on stands right now, which is just too tempting for him not to crawl over and knock them down.

Tomorrow is my friend Josh’s wedding, so I get to call on my neck tie tying skills once more.. which these days only happens for weddings, interviews and jokes.

About Dustin

Married 39 year old father of three software developer in Rochester, NY.
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2 Responses to Birthday and Stuff

  1. Adam Lynch says:

    “Dustin One”

    It sounds like an evil spaceship.

    Anyways, I’m still Lone on XBL, even if I haven logged in in ages.

  2. drunnells says:

    Its a friendly spaceship with flowers painted on the side, shag carpeting throughout the interior and a beanbag captain’s chair.

    Oh, I need your Wii number too..

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