Happy Holidays and New Year!

Happy new year! So this christmas I was sick with some kind of flu or virus thing that totally killed me on the 25th and I spent half the day sleeping at my mother-in-law’s house while everyone else opened gifts. Oh well, I don’t get sick often, so hopefully I’m done with that sort of thing for while. Sawyer got a bunch of baby toys that make noise, which is exactly what he likes, so it was a good christmas for him, I’m sure. As for me, a few note worthy gifts were a new pair of sneakers from Kim, a new jacket from my folks, and a Dilbert calendar from the in-laws!

New years was pretty uneventful, a couple of Kim’s friends from her work came over to watch the ball drop. I tried Guitar Hero for the first time since I hurt my thumb.. it wasn’t painful, but definitely felt funny.

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