Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Today is our son Sawyer’s first birthday! One year ago today the long nights started! We have two parties lined up for him, one is the traditional all-family party tomorrow, and then on saturday we will have some of kim’s friend’s over with their kids for the “kid’s party”. Even though he probably isn’t going to be remembering this birthday we got him a nice plastic playground thing that we will set up this spring for him to climb on and slide and stuff.

We finished painting the living room, kitchen and hallways about a week ago.. I do have to say that the house definitely looks more homey with the paint. As a former apartment dweller I had been quite used to plain white walls and was a little resistant to do any colorful painting. But the Kim did a great job at picking out colors that I can tolerate so I’m happy.

Since my wife has already kind of announced it, I’m going to post a note here that we seem to be pregnant again. The pregnancy with Sawyer went perfectly, no big scares or anything (other than my new-father paranoia at every step of the way), but after the miscarage a couple months ago I’ve been hesitant to go around telling everyone that we are pregnant again.. I have heard it is bad luck to discuss such things before the end of the first trimester.

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