Gmail on my S710a

Today I was playing with Gmail and decided to try their IMAP service with my phone (Sony Ericsson S710a). Google has the imap details listed right on their web page, so I thought it would be straight forward enough. BUT it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. In case I forget, or anyone else is trying to do the same thing, this is what I did to get it working. My phone’s email settings are:

  • Connect Using: Media Net
  • Protocol: IMAP4
  • Incoming Server:
  • Incoming Port: 993
  • Encryption:
  •   Incoming Server TLS/SSL, Domain:
  •  Outgoing Server: No encryption
  • Mailbox:
  • Password:  mygmailpw
  • Outgoing Mail Server: My own smtp server
  • Outgoing Port: 25
  • Email Address: myemailaddress
  • Download: Headers Only

I also needed to download the appropriate certificates that were not already on my phone and send them over via bluetooth. I found a mention of this in a post here. And the download link is here. I was unable to get google’s smtp server to work, and apparently I am not the only one, so I’m just using my own smtp server elsewhere for outgoing mail.. this seems to be working for me. I’m able to send/receive email from my phone, yay.

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