Credit Freeze

Today I decided to put a security freeze on our credit. It seems like a lot of identity theft has been going around lately, and at the moment there really isn’t any reason anyone should be examining our credit reports as we definitely do not want any more credit cards or loans right now. I have read a little bit on those identity protection services, but to me it sounds like the biggest part of what they do is freeze your credit.. and thats something I can do myself. From reading about this on the NY state web page I kind of expected it to be more of a pain than it was. Of the three credit reporting agencies, both TransUnion and Experian allowed me to do the freeze online after asking a few questions about my credit history. Only Equifax makes it difficult for NY residents by making you send in a written letter and ID to make the request. Once Equifax steps into modern times and lets you freeze/unfreeze online managing this should be a lot easier!  Anyway, just thought I’d post my experience here.

Tonight Kim, Sawyer, Morgan, Myself and our nephew will be going to Chuck E. Cheese for one of Saywer’s playgroup friend’s birthday parties. I’ve only been there once as an adult.. and it really is nothing like the video arcade I remember it once being, but at least I still enjoy eating pizza.

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