First post of the year!

Now that we are three months into 2009, its probably a good time to post.

Sawyer is now TWO friggen years old (as of 2/14).. and he is definitely a two year old, he plays a lot with MegaBlocks (Legos for little kids, which I also enjoy playing with) and his taste in TV shows has changed a little since when he was a baby-baby, instead of Teletubies, we watch more “Imagination Movers” and “Handy Many”. Morgan is starting to become a lot more alert over the past few weeks, she watches her big brother and her parents move around the house and she is a lot more vocal than I remember Sawyer being at that age.

In other news Kim and I decided to stimulate the economy some by purchasing an Elliptical exercise machine. Even though I know exercise equipment is notorious for being a waste of money, I’m determined (today anyway) to use it for every dollar its worth.. I’m getting oldish, and being fat is probably not a good idea anymore. If nothing else, I now have something to blame when I gain wait.. I can be one of those people who say “____ doesn’t work, I tried it.” and exclude my personal laziness from the equation.

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