Almost Did Mt. Marcy

I took last Thursday and Friday off to climb Mt Marcy with a friend. We got off to a late start because we traveled from Rochester, NY to Keene, NY through the night because the weather called for rain on Friday. With Thursday being the only day to make this work, we didn’t even get on the trail until after noon. Luckily we found out that the trail split to the summit of Mt Marcy or Mt Phelps three or four miles in. Since we had pretty much no chance of reaching the top of Mt Marcy and getting back before dark we took the path to Mt Phelps. The last mile was a killer, but we did it! The last couple of miles on the way back was in the dark however. Next time it will be Mt Marcy – for real!

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Married 39 year old father of three software developer in Rochester, NY.
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