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As mentioned in a previous post, our dryer (Frigidaire GLGR341AS4) broke last week giving off a bad smoking smell. In an attempt to save a $60 “just to look at it” fee from the repair place I decided to attempt this one myself. This post is for anyone else who is googling for the same part number that might be interested in what my problem was. It turned out that there is a plastic duct inside the machine that had melted, probably due to lack of maintenance and overabundance of lint accumulation. Here are some pics: front panel, melted duct, repair job:

The first problem was figuring out how to open the dryer. From the front you can use a putty knife or something to push the clips that are about two inches in on the left and the right while lifting up on the top. The top then opens an there are two screws holding the front panel on on the top left and right of the front panel.

Once opened it was kind of obvious where the burning smell was coming from – the duct on the bottom was all melted. I was able to pull the duct off the panel.. whatever adhesive that was used at the factory didn’t put up too much of a fight. Once the old duct was off I ordered these parts from the local appliance store (Netzman’s):

  • Air Duct: Electrolux 131621900
  • Foam Seal: Electrolux 134417000
  • Maycor High Temp Adhesive: 055980

After cleaning off all the lint and residue from the front panel I did the best that I could to empty the rest of the ducts of all the lint, used the adhesive to glue the new duct back on and the foam seal to the duct. I let it dry all day and then gave it a try and TA DA – Fixed dryer! Total: $48.54.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Thanks for posting this. Same thing happened to us, but unfortunately the opposite side of this housing (blower housing) also melted. Wish I had known it was this easy from the get go.

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