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So today I left work early because I was having some contractions and I felt like I needed to lay down. I am sure it was just my body practicing and getting ready to have the baby, but still, they didn’t feel to good! I am so frustrated with knowing I cant work 40hrs right now. I have cut my hours down to about 20hrs a week. That’s all I can handle at this point.

So far so good. My doctor says he is a big baby, but no worries, he is as healthy as he can be. Everything is perfect with him and us!! I think he is just long because Dustin is 6″4.  Oh and tomorrow, back to the doctor for another prenatal visit.

This pregnancy has overall been really easy. The hardest part about being pregnant for me, is losing control of my body and watching myself get big, but for a good reason. I really miss being able to wear my wedding rings. I have also depended on Dustin a lot, to do a lot a small favors, some as simple as turning off a light., but they add up! He has been so good to me through-out the pregnancy! I owe him a bunch of nights where his sleep will not be disturbed! We are so excited to see our baby. I hear, they will think he looks just like the ultrasound pics.!?, only time will tell if that is true.

The end is close and I am REALLY anxious.
I can almost say “we did it”. This experance has been pretty amazing and hard at times. I would not change a thing, as long as our baby continues to stay healthy, and he comes on or before our due date..

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