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Who am I? You must have browsed over to my web page for some reason.. and since there isn’t a whole lot here worth seeing that isn’t about me maybe I should provide some information about myself.


  • DOB: 10/28/1976
  • Address: Webster, NY
  • Height: 6-04
  • Eyes: BL
  • The DeathClock says that I’m going to die on Monday, March 23rd 2049.

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Brief History Of My Life

I was born in Rochester, NY on October 28, 1976. Between then and when I moved out on my own in 1997 I lived most of my life in Webster, NY with my parents (Mike and Carol) and younger brother (Brian). I went to Ridgecrest and Klem Road North Elementary Schools, Schroeder Jr High, and graduated from Webster High School with the class of 1995.

While in high school I worked for Wegmans Food Market and Electronics Boutique at the Irondequoit Mall. My parents sold me their gold 1987 Cavalier Wagon. I ran a BBS called The Escape as a hobby for a chunk of my high school career. If you don’t know what a BBS is, don’t worry about it.. they are not really that popular anymore.

Immediately after high school, in the summer of 1995 I started taking classes at Monroe Community College majoring in Computer Information Systems. Around this time I also started working for VivaNET/OptiNet, a local internet service provider as a help desk rep. At this point in my life I drove a white 1991 Plymouth Sundance, listened to a lot of angry music, stayed up really late, drank a lot of caffeinated drinks and ate a lot of Garbage Plates.

n 1997, while still taking classes at MCC I was hired by The Sutherland Group shortly after VivaNET went out of business. At the Sutherland group I worked at a help desk that provided support for Citizens Communications‘ newly started internet service (Citlink). More information on who I was back than can be found on my 1997 website. Working full time and going to college proved to be too much for the young Dustin.. so I dropped out. My friend Josh and I found an apartment closer to work in Henrietta, NY and I moved out of my parent’s place. While working second shift at The Sutherland Group I grew a passion for Linux and Perl programming. Though I had been familiar with both in the past I now began seeking to grow and apply this knowledge at my job. Citizens soon moved all web programming responsibility to The Sutherland Group (me). After quite a few programming projects for Citlink as the webmaster The Sutherland Group picked up RedHat as a client. I moved to a new position at the new help desk as a level 2 support rep for Linux installs. My stay at the new help desk lasted less than a year. While I enjoyed working on new Linux questions presented by customers at the help desk, I missed programming.

In 1999 I was hired by Ajilon as a contractor at Xerox and traded in my Plymouth Sundance for a 1999 Plymouth Breeze. I worked as a Software Engineer for Xerox on various programming projects. I was very happy at this new position and moved into my own apartment in Chili. I felt that I had reached what I was destined to be.. an average Rochestarian who grew up here, went to school here and got a job at a big Rochester company.

Then about eight months later I was hired by my friends at Citizens Communications in Plano, TX as a UNIX Administrator. In Texas I immensely enjoyed the Dallas area, my job and the people I worked with. I took this opportunity to focus on changing gears from what thought would be my life as a programmer to being a system administrator for a pretty large national internet service provider.

At the end of 2001 Citizens Communications bought Frontier Communications. The Plano office was closed and I was relocated back to sunny Rochester, NY… where I moved into an apartment in my home town of Webster. In 2002 I met my wife Kim and we were married on Oct 7th 2006.

Today I live in a house that we had built in Webster in 2003 with our two children (Sawyer and Morgan), drive a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid and am a software developer for ShoreGroup.

More pictures of my adventures can be found on Flickr.


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